WhatsApp No Longer Phone Number Based Platform

WhatsApp New Privacy Features

WhatsApp is currently working on a new privacy feature that allows users to connect with each other without sharing phone numbers. As well as users can easily search for others using their chosen nicknames.

Now, I am going to ask you for your nickname to take your phone number. I think guys are going to love this specific news since it’s going to ease the way for guys to approach their ladies to connect with them.

The Nickname Is Only Presented

Once you are initiating a conversation with a certain person, their nicknames appear, not their phone numbers. It thus protects you as a user by empowering you with control over the constant appearance of your phone number, enhancing the privacy safeguards and alleviating unwanted contacts.

On top of that, users can share interests and find the needed connection with online personas on WhatsApp independently of phone numbers. So, uncovering easier connections is the new social network to reach a wider audience of WhatsApp users attracting them especially when they avoided using it for the sake of not exposing their phone numbers.

For a second, it might seem weird for some, but for others, particularly those who work in confidential positions and of intricate kind of personas, like politicians, celebrities, and so on… will LOVE such feature.

‘Same’ Nicknames Catastrophe

The first thing that pops into someone’s mind is what if I have the same user as someone else?

2.7 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp, ranking the first in the list of the most popular global mobile messenger apps. WhatsApp may need to execute maybe ‘first-come-first-served rules’ or to manage to require additional identifiers in order to differentiate users that hold same nicknames. The same as creating a new email, and in blue small font under the email, says, the email already exists.

Besides such challenges, some users use inappropriate usernames, so filtering invasives and/or harmful usernames will be essential to maintain a safe and reliable online environment. This motivates the implementation of robust moderation tools and mechanisms of reporting.

Misusage of the Feature

Some users might manipulate nicknames for unintentional purposes like misrepresenting themselves, so this requires some adjustments for the system. As well as phishing attempts may arise, and cyberbullying and harassment are elevated due to the anonymity that is offered by the usernames.

More clear guidelines are needed and effective consequences for such behavior will be crucial to prevent spamming and misusage of the new WhatsApp feature.

Still Under Construction

The WhatsApp new privacy feature is undergoing the testing phase and is available to a limited number of users on WhatsApp web, and Android users are the ones who are able to nickname themselves.

In the upcoming months, WhatsApp is expected to roll out maybe expanding the availability to Apple users too.

Do you prefer to be searched for and connected via your phone number or using a nickname of your own preference?

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