Microsoft Outlook Down in the UAE

On Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was struck with its Microsoft Outlook services outage.

Several users went to social media platforms to shine a light on the events taking place, complaining that they could not access their emails, either by web or mobile browsers.

The Big Tech titan was tagged in almost every post, with users asking for immediate resolution of the situation, saying it was “affecting business” operations.

“Somebody, please confirm if Outlook is actually down, or am I losing my mind? (sic),” one user expressed.

Downdetector – a real-time outage monitoring website – documented approximately 500 complaints throughout the outage.

From its part, Microsoft said it had identified a problem impacting “the ability for users to access their mailbox within the UAE,” adding that the issue is under investigation.

Later, the software giant revealed that it believes a “third-party DNS issue” could be the core of the incident, warning that the ongoing problem could also affect numerous servers.

“We’re looking at network telemetry to isolate the source of the impact,” it said in its statement.