Microsoft Releases New Skype Update 

Microsoft has released a new update "Skype," new features that enhance the user experience and incorporate software patents.

Microsoft has released a new update for its instant messaging and video call service, “Skype,” which includes a set of new features that enhance the user experience and incorporate software patents.

According to the company’s statement, the new update, Skype Messaging 2.0, completely changes the design and features of the application. It introduced an updated menu that appears when long-pressing on any conversation, allowing users to get an invitation link to join the conversation, delete conversations entirely, add them to favorites, among other options. 

When a user presses on a message within any conversation, a menu appears allowing them to interact with the message using emojis, as well as copy the message text, reply to it, forward it to another contact, or save it. 

The company has also changed how images are displayed within the app to show a large collection of photos, similar to the iMessage app on Apple phones. The design of replying to messages within conversations can be changed to a vertical format that shows the sequence of replies to a specific message and highlights the reply to make it easier to notice. 

The software parent has developed the way of interacting with emojis within conversations, allowing users to choose any emoji to react to messages. It has also made it easier for users to view different files before downloading them, such as text files and PDFs. 

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