Microsoft’s threat to eliminate Windows 11 updates

Microsoft is threatening to retain certain Windows updates from current copies of its latest OS, Windows 11, should users refrain from downloading and “manually” installing an ISO file, since unsupported PCs will not be privileged to install Windows, security, and driver updates.

On Sunday, the software developer announced that it will not prevent users from installing Windows 11 on older PCs, but highly recommended strong hardware requirements for its latest software. An install prohibition will only be mandatory when users will try to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 via Windows Update.

Today, the company added another clause to its list of Windows 11 installation requirements by informing The Verge that unsupported old PCs will not obtain access to Windows and security updates.

It is still unclear why Microsoft has decided to take this harsh measure against its users. Nevertheless, given its commitment to preventing vital security oversights, the Big Tech titan could be taking extra precautions to secure the software’s safe installation.

It could also mean that the company could be planning on completely discarding patches as the latest announcement could be Microsoft’s way of preparing its user base for future alterations, possibly at launch.

With its latest announcement, Microsoft could be taking back its users to older tactics. As for the hardware, Windows 11 might force users to manually download driver updates, which is a procedure users did not need to indulge in for a long time.

In parallel, in terms of installing a Windows 11 ISO, users might want to consider an alternative option. Next time there is a significant Windows update, downloading a more recent ISO version, followed by an in-place installation would be the best choice.

As for future system requirements, the company refused to release any further statement discussing whether any PC reformat could lead to any future patching. Experts believe that the firm’s latest decision could be just a maneuver to force Windows users to purchase a new PC, regardless of whether it is needed or not.

On the long run, Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 news could be a point of provocation from its userbase since they would have to obtain new and more advanced hardware or PCs to install the latest update. This hardly seems fair given that a majority of Microsoft’s old PCs demonstrate full functionality and ability to carry out any task with its current software.