Monty Mobile and Hutchison 3 Indonesia release “My RBT”: the trendiest way to entertain callers!

Monty Mobile and Hutchison 3 Indonesia release “My RBT” the trendiest way to entertain callers!

It is time to say goodbye to the regular old Ring Back Tone service, as Monty Mobile in partnership with Hutchison 3 Indonesia, announces the release of the newest and trendiest ring tone generator: My RBT! With advanced features to enrich users’ experience.

With this service from Monty Mobile, Mobile Network Operators can offer their subscribers the ability to substitute traditional ringtones with more vibrant ones. They can now greet their callers with an entertaining and personalized message of their choice.

Subscribers will be able to entertain their callers while they wait for their call to be answered. They can choose the tune of their choice from a vast and diverse library, or they can create their own!

“My RBT” opens the opportunity for MNOs to take the first step into entertainment and media and unravel additional untapped revenues and high return on investment with almost 500 million subscribers.

This popularity is attributed to the fun that “My RBT” brings to subscribers. They are granted the ability to shop for a wide range of content and personalization tools that reflect their personality, emotions, and music tastes!

MNOs will have access to an easy-to-use Web Interface where they can manage services, promote content and offers, generate reporting, manage the full RBT library, monitor copyrights, and more.

Additionally, MNOs can increase their subscribers’ satisfaction and build loyalty with “My RBT”, by customizing offers for them with flexible charging options, subscription based charging, and differential charging based on content.

To request My RBT Demo, send an email to this address:

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