More AI Investment for Telecom Operators

More AI Investment for Telecom Operators

The telecom industry is set to invest heavily in AI software. According to the latest study conducted by Juniper Research, the total network operator investment on AI solutions is expected to exceed $15 billion by 2024.

Why are telecom operators adopting AI solutions so aggressively? Keeping up with the competition is important at a time when there are more mobile subscribers than ever before. Those who have delayed AI adoption, run the risk of falling behind rivals who are more advanced with AI implementation. Reports reveal that many operators agree that AI is helping them broaden and diversify revenue channels. AI technology is becoming an integral feature of overall operation infrastructure either for survival, or to get ahead of the competition.

Organized cyber crime schemes are becoming more sophisticated, therefore a one-size-fits-all analytic solution will not prove to be an effective countermeasure. Each use case should be individually supported by anomaly detection techniques that are custom-made to deal with a specific threat. This is where AI implementation comes in. Telecom operators are seeking AI solutions primarily for network optimization and fraud mitigation. Network functionalities include routing, traffic management, and predictive maintenance.

“The research identifies network optimisation and fraud mitigation solutions as the most highly sought-after AI‑based services over the next 4 years. AI-based solutions automate network functionalities including routing, traffic management and predictive maintenance solutions,” the report stated.

In an industry dependent on the transfer and exchange of information, AI will be vital for the future success of the telecom industry, especially in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As companies look towards managing a record number of mobile subscribers, AI will have the potential of unleashing enhanced user experience.

The rise over-the-top (OTT) applications is one aspect that is driving investment in AI and at present, competes directly with telecom operators’ conventional business.

Companies are already offering comprehensive digital transformation and AI solutions to network operators. Many provide tools for a communications service provider to address the end-to-end service assurance needs of multi-technology services and in the process, reduce complexity and cost.

For operators willing to invest, AI will provide significant long-term cost savings and new business opportunities for growth.