Motorola Razr 3 Leaks: trying the next foldable smartphone again

Motorola is working on a new version of its Razr foldable smartphones, according to a Weibo post spotted by Android Authority.

The post is from Chen Jin, the general manager of the Lenovo Mobile Business Group in China (Lenovo is currently in charge of Motorola’s smartphone business), and describes how the company has been quietly working on a new addition to its lineup of foldable phones. It doesn’t have big shoes to fill — Motorola’s first two modern foldables were mediocre phones with hefty price tags.

We ran Jin’s post through a few translation sites, and while some parts didn’t make the jump to English, there are consistent details that show up in all the translations. The post mentions that the phone will have a better processor, better interface, and a tweaked appearance. At this early stage, though, it’s hard to say how different the third-gen device will be from the last one — the second-gen Razr was more of a spec bump that added 5G, rather than a marked improvement from the original Razr foldable announced in 2019.

A Weibo post by Lenovo General Manager Chen Jin focuses on the many features of the company’s upcoming smartphone device. The main reason for its early reveal is the innovation of the products from the company, focusing on its growth and upcoming projects that will soon continue afterward, after this release.

Perhaps the third attempt at a foldable will be a charm — its previous two attempts have been hard to recommend, even before Samsung released the exceptional Z Flip 3 for $1,000.

One of the important translations of Jin’s post indicates that it could release in China first, which is backed up by the announcement appearing on Weibo.

Manuella Foz, a Motorola spokesperson, told said that the company “cannot comment on future devices, while Android Authority first spotted the post by Jin, and it says a lot for the specs of the smartphone, claiming to be the most advanced version of it yet.