NOKIA, Nvidia Forge Partnership for AI-Driven RAN Technologies 

Nokia Corporation has unveiled a strategic partnership with Nvidia Corporation, setting the stage for a revolution in network operations.

Nokia Corporation has unveiled a strategic partnership for network operations with Nvidia Corporation, setting the stage for a revolution in AI-ready radio access network (RAN) solutions.  

This collaboration marks a cornerstone in Nokia’s anyRAN strategy, aiming to integrate artificial intelligence at the heart of telecom networks transformation to unlock enhanced value for the telecommunications sector through innovative AI services, indicating a significant shift towards more efficient, flexible, and scalable network infrastructure. 

The partnership between Nokia and Nvidia is designed to establish the development of Cloud RAN solutions leveraging the Nvidia Grace CPU Superchip. This technology, known for its advanced Layer 2+ processing capabilities, is complemented by Nokia’s efficient In-Line Layer 1 (L1) accelerator technology, Cloud RAN software, and Nvidia’s GPUs tailored for AI applications and vRAN acceleration.  

Together, these technologies indicate the introduction of AI-RAN, a concept that promises to redefine network operations and service delivery. 

From the Perspective of Network Operators, Service Providers 

The use of AI in RAN solutions enables more dynamic resource allocation, improved network efficiency, and enhanced service quality for end-users. Operators can anticipate a network infrastructure that not only meets the current demands but is also scalable to accommodate future advancements and user requirements. 

For End-Users, Benefits Are Equally Compelling 

The integration of AI into RAN solutions promises an improved user experience, characterized by higher data speeds, reduced latency, and more reliable connectivity. This is particularly important as the demand for data-intensive services, such as streaming and gaming, continues to grow.  

The enhanced network efficiency can facilitate the deployment of next-generation technologies, including 5G and beyond, making cutting-edge services more accessible to consumers. 

The technological foundation of this partnership is built on the Nvidia Grace CPU Superchip, based on the advanced Arm Neoverse V2 CPU architecture. This component stands out for its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and extensive connectivity options, meeting the diverse needs of data centers and, by extension, the comprehensive requirements of Cloud RAN networks. By offering a variety of CPU choices for Cloud RAN networks, Nokia ensures that its customers benefit from diversity and flexibility in their network deployments. 

In practical terms, Nokia’s collaboration with Nvidia and other partners has already yielded tangible results, including the successful execution of end-to-end 5G data calls in multi-vendor configurations. This achievement underscores the viability and potential of their joint efforts to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape. 

Despite facing a fiscal challenge, as indicated by Nokia’s reported net sales decline in the fourth quarter of 2023, the partnership with Nvidia—and significant long-term deals like those with Apple Inc.—signals a strategic turn towards embracing next-generation network solutions.  

This shift towards AI-driven, flexible, and scalable network infrastructures represents a forward-thinking approach, catering to the evolving demands of operators, service providers, and end-users alike, and sets a new standard for innovation in the telecommunications sector. 

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