Truecaller, Microsoft Collaborate for AI Voice Feature 

Truecaller announced its partnership with Microsoft to introduce a new AI feature for customers using the company’s Personal voice feature. 

Truecaller announced its partnership with Microsoft to introduce a new AI feature for its customers using the company’s Personal voice feature. 

Through this collaboration, the CallerID app’s AI Assistant will be able to mimic the user’s voice, enabling it to greet and interact with callers, using their own voice.  

To this end, users who would like to activate this feature are required to record a short video clip featuring their voice, and Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech will use it to generate an AI version of their voice. 

Truecaller’s AI Assistant also offers a screening service for incoming calls, providing users with the purpose of the call. This functionality helps users decide whether to answer the call themselves or allow the assistant to do it on their behalf. 

The Swedish company’s approach to using personal voice for its AI Assistant has limitations regarding the editing of the introductory greeting template. The aim of this limitation is to make it clear for callers that at some point, they are having a conversation with the digital version of the user’s voice, and not with the user themselves.  

Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech’s personal voice feature adds watermarks to its speech outputs, which helps in identifying automated speech and maintaining transparency in the interaction. 

Before introducing this feature, Truecaller users had a selected number of voices to choose from to represent them. However, now users have the option to use their own voices, enabling them to add a unique touch to their interactions, enhancing the overall experience. 

The feature is expected to be rolled out gradually in the coming weeks, starting the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile. Initially it will be available for paid users and later expanded to all eligible markets. 

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