Quora's Poe Enables User-Created Web Apps

Quora's subscription service, Poe AI, which aggregates AI chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude and OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Quora’s subscription service, Poe AI, which aggregates AI chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude and OpenAI’s GPT-4, has launched a new feature, Previews, allowing users to create interactive apps directly within chatbot conversations.

With Previews, Quora users can build various interactive applications, such as data visualizations, games, and drum machines. By typing requests like “Analyze this report and turn it into an interactive presentation,” users can transform data into engaging formats. These apps can utilize multiple chatbots, such as Meta’s Llama 3 and GPT-4o, and can incorporate information from uploaded files, including videos. Additionally, these interactive creations can be shared with others via a link.

Previews are similar to Anthropic’s Artifacts, which serve as workspaces for editing and adding to AI-generated content like code and documents. However, Artifacts are limited to Anthropic’s models, while Previews support HTML output with CSS and JavaScript functionalities from any chatbot. Quora plans to expand these capabilities further in the future.

Chatbot Performance

Quora highlights that Previews works best with chatbots proficient in programming, such as Claude 3.5 Sonnet, GPT-4o, and Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro. An example provided by Quora showcases a drum machine created using the Previews feature.

Using Previews requires a subscription to the Poe AI premium plan for $20 per month. While this reporter was unable to test the app creation feature firsthand, the available demos created by the Poe team functioned as expected.

The introduction of Previews comes at a very challenging time for Quora’s Poe with a recent Wired investigation emerging to the scene revealing that Poe has allowed users to download paywalled articles from prominent news outlets. Some of these outlets are The New York Times and The Atlantic, all done through Quora’s assistant chatbot.

In response, Quora disputed such claims to prove that the company has not violated any rules.

Final Thoughts

To some, Previews is a promising addition to the offerings of Poe AI the enhances the interactivity and usability of AI-generated content. But for others, the controversy surrounding Poe AI may cast a shadow over this launch. The potential for creating dynamic, shareable apps could attract many users and it seems that Quora’s commitment to expanding functionalities indicates a forward-thinking approach that could put Poe in the lead of AI chatbot innovation.

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