Reviving Nokia 3210 with Another Contemporary Twist

After 25 years, Human Mobile Devices global (HMD) announced it is bringing the iconic Nokia 3210 back to life, but this time, with a modern twist.

The Finnish phone maker’s Nokia 3210 launch follows the growing shift among young consumers who are looking for simpler and less screen- focused phones, in an effort to eliminate the brain-killing doom scrolling phenomenon.

As known for its flagship phones, HMD has also recently introduced nostalgic devices, such as a Barbie flip phone and a Heineken-branded “Boring” phone, attracting people who are seeking to disconnect from their constant digital engagement.

What Are Its Specs?

The redesigned version of the Nokia 3210 features a new set of upgrades, including a full-color screen, 4G compatibility, a 2-mega-pixel camera, as well as a flashlight. Not to forget, the 90s generation’s favorite, the snake classic game is also making a return. The new version also provides 9.5 hours of talk time and a long-lasting battery life.

HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Lars Silberbauer believes that the re-release of this iconic model is part of the “dumb phone boom” where consumers nowadays are looking for ways to make a balance between screen time and digital detox.

Back in its glory days, the Nokia 3210 was considered a major step forward in the field of mobile phones as it featured a sleek design, customizable covers, and most importantly an internal antenna, which allowed the user to put it in the pocket comfortably. Its only competitor was the Nokia 3310, which was also relaunched back in 2017.

Despite the 3310 model being relaunched in 2017, the 3210 is now under the spotlight given that this year marks the 25th anniversary of its first release. Furthermore, the modernized version mimics the original design with features, such as a slightly slim keypad, a distinctive contrasting frame surrounding the screen, and top row of buttons.

While a ‘dumb’ phone might not be everyone’s favorite these days with the mainstream overtake of smartphones, as people are very attracted to the huge technological advancements, the new modernized Nokia 3210 could serve as an excellent first device for children or a dependable backup for festivals and events. Their extended battery life allows for staying connected without being attached to a screen.

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