Cloned Rhesus Monkey Still Alive

Scientists in China have successfully had a cloning breakthrough. The rhesus monkey, named ReTro was the one to be clones.

Scientists in China has had a successful cloning breakthrough which led to the rhesus monkey, named ReTro. Following the implementation of 113 cloned monkey embryos, only ReTro has survived for over two years.

His survival has led scientists to valuable scientific processes as stated by experts.

It all began with the cloning of Dolly the sheep, who was the first cloned mammal ever. The same procedures and techniques were executed by scientists in China.

The team of scientists stated that even though the success rate of a healthy cloning breakthrough is extremely low, which in this case is below 1%, it provides the scientists with a better understanding of the nature of primate cloning.

Monkey Like Features

The features of the first cloning breakthough for the monkey are as follows: they have a pair of identical the long-tailed monkey, macaques.

The same researchers, Qiang Sun and Zhen Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducted this research in their labs in Shanghai six years ago. During that period, the researchers’ purpose was to create larger populations of genetically modified monkeys. They wanted them to be able to aid in research regarding human diseases. The process raised many ethical questions, one of them was is the world closer to being able to clone other humans?

Experts have assured the world that the fears that we had “were entirely unfounded,” as the success rate of cloning remains low.

Dolly the sheep was cloned at Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, and it was a great hit in history. It was the first-ever successful cloning of a mammal from an adult cell. After that event other mammals have been clones which use the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) technique. This technique involves the transfer of the cell nucleus DNA. This would be given to an egg cell, and this is where the magic of the embryo development becomes prompted.

The idea of cloning breakthough is a big leap in the tech world. Let’s clone for the right purposes and make sure that no animal is harmed after being cloned. May technological advancements be used for noble purposes and meaningful advancements.

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