Samsung Galaxy Ring to Bring Innovation to Your Finger 

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If you’re a fan of Samsung’s smartwatches, or any smart gadget from the South Korean conglomerate for that matter, then brace yourselves for the new release of Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. A sleek and compact smart ring that could take the wearable gadget game to another level. 

To those wondering if the actual possibility of the ring exists, then allow us to burst the bubble and give a simple, yes.  

Or maybe just ‘highly likely’ for that matter, considering that Samsung has been working on a smart ring. 

And also considering that the electronic mogul got a trademark for the Samsung Galaxy Ring – which is a good sign.  

Last year, Samsung reported the patent for the Galaxy ring during the same period smart rings began gaining momentum amongst the public with the promise of a screen-free experience focused on tracking life’s most basic hassles without any distractions. 

All the Details 

Samsung Smart Ring Release Date 

So when will it be released?  

Unfortunately, it’s still tough to provide a definitive answer as Samsung hasn’t yet announced the official release date. The company has revealed that, while it is excited about the launch of its new product, at the moment, their main focus is getting this right as they venture into new territory. This means severe competition with pre-exisiting, pre-established companies also working on similar technology to that of the Galaxy Ring. But, speculations are that a 2023 launch could be far-fetched, but considering prior announcement’s, Samsung may drop hints at their next Unpacked event in late July of this year. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Specs 

According to the patent filings, the Samsung smart ring might come with health tracking capabilities, including electrocardiogram (ECG) – a test that can help diagnose certain heart conditions by measuring electrical activity of the heart – and photoplethysmography (PPG) – a non-invasive technology that uses light source and a photodetector at the surface of skin to measure the volumetric variations of blood circulations. These features will allow the ring bearer to monitor their heart rate and temperature, putting the Samsung Galaxy Ring in direct competition with the popular Oura Ring 3, currently taking the smart ring market by storm. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price 

But then again, we can almost assure you that the price tag could be similar to those Samsung’s existing wearables. For reference, the Oura Ring 3 starts at $299 and requires a monthly subscription for full access to its features. We’re crossing our fingers that Samsung doesn’t follow suit with the Galaxy Ring and keeps it a one-time purchase without any subscriptions. 

But we would like to say, brace yourselves, because chances are that it would most likely be expensive, keeping in mind the cost of packing such advanced technology into such a small device.

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