Robot Hospital Assistants Unveiled in Dubai

Service robots are aiding hospitalists in three jobs slowing humans to focus on healthcare at the Arab Health Convention in Dubai.

Service robots are aiding hospitalists in three jobs slowing humans to focus on healthcare.

During the open day of Arab Health that is currently taking place in Dubai, a multipurpose robot was unveiled to the audience. The service robots are designed to execute duties in hospital wards which would free up staff to look after their patients. Hospitals, especially those in the UAE, are finding ways to broaden and include service robots, while human workers expand their skills in other departments.

The roles of the service robots vary throughout the hospital. There are robots that are set to deliver meals, while others ensure that patients in need of medication receive it on time. The roles of the service robots aren’t just constrained to assist surgeons in meticulous surgeries. With the changes that are happening at the speed of light to having robots being caregivers at hospitals, technology is making hospitals and clinics a highly efficient setting.

Camello the Game Changer

A breakthrough is being made by OTSAW the tech company in Singapore which is the Camello robot. It costs about $70,000 and can handle 3 full-time employees when these employees are not available. OTSAW founder and chief executive Ling Ting Ming aims to sell over 1,000 of the service robots in 2024.

“Health care is a very different landscape,” said Mr. Ming. “First of all, the software must be proven in a huge hospital, how they use it in the operations, because delivering food in the hospital is mission critical.

“Imagine you have 800 beds, and 800 patients not getting their meals on time. It would be a major problem, so the robots must also integrate with the lifts and the doors in the hospitals.

“Camello+ is able to operate indoor, as well as outdoor, so if you have two hospital blocks and you have to go to outdoor, it can manage. That makes it a game-changer.”

At The End of The Day

Service robots are always welcome to be a helping hand in but let’s keep a thin line between allowing robots to help and taking our jobs. Jobs range from the simple to the most complicated ones but at the end of the day a job is a job, and no one should stay without one.

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