The Arab Health 2023 Saga: The CME-accredited Conferences

Arab Health 2023

In recent years, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region has been seeking to take their rightful seat at the global table of technological advancements. A previous article, for example, showcased how two of Africa’s significant telcos championed the continent’s representation on the global stage. In this series of MedTech-oriented articles, “The Arab Health 2023 Saga”, we will discuss the tackled topics throughout the four-day event and reflect on their impact on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Before We Start…

In partnership with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention, Informa Markets organized The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2023 from January 30th to February 2nd at the Dubai World Trade Center. Those were four days filled with innovations and technological advancements centered around sustainability in healthcare. It comprised workshops, product showcases, transformation talks, intelligent health pavilions, and several CME-accredited conferences.

The 23rd Total Radiology Conference

The Total Radiology conference focused on bridging educational gaps to meet the demands of the new healthcare era while delving deeply into the most cutting-edge technological applications that are changing the practice in 2023. It also provided the most recent imaging techniques and precise imaging diagnoses to raise the standard of care for radiology patients. Themed “Driving Innovation Forward,” the experts covered cancer screening, the future of women’s imaging, and many other topics.

The 15th Obs and Gyn Conference

The 15th Obs and Gyn Conference was the Middle East’s regional gathering of experts in women’s health. This program covered the most recent advancements in obstetrics and gynecology with expert speakers worldwide. Themed “Integrating current and innovative practices to impact future women’s healthcare,” the experts discussed various topics ranging from vaccinations in pregnancy to Prenatal care of complicated multiple pregnancies.

The 19th Orthopaedics Conference

The attendees of the 19th Orthopaedics Conference had access to cutting-edge orthopedic surgery techniques and could compare their surgical proficiency. The agenda included interactive formats to help delegates forge lasting connections throughout the event and address critical knowledge gaps in practice. Themed “Engaging in Innovation,” the experts tackled several topics, including sports traumatology, current concepts in joint replacement, and the digital transformation of orthopedics.

Internal Medicine Conference

Arab Health’s newly launched CME-accredited Internal Medicine conference addressed learning requirements and practice gaps in various focus areas. This conference was specifically designed to satisfy the needs of internal medicine professionals and help them gain knowledge on a wide range of essential subjects, from updates in hematology to information on infectious diseases. The rich and varied learning outcomes provided to delegates will help them advance their clinical knowledge, clinical skills, and clinical reasoning.

22nd Surgery Conference

The 22nd Surgery Conference brought together learning, networking, and the most recent surgical advancements in the MENA region. The attendees improved their surgical techniques while learning to carry out complex procedures flawlessly while observing the most prominent surgeons in the area. Themed “Advances in Surgery,” the experts discussed bariatric and metabolic surgery and surgical oncology, among other topics.

Emergency Medicine Conference

Over the two days of the Emergency Medicine Conference, the attendees discovered helpful tips and accepted procedures on various hot topics. They also identified the future directions for this specialty, which is changing quickly. In addition, the experts addressed the most recent research and best practices for delivering the highest caliber of care. Local and international expert speakers provided evidence-based insights into the effective and efficient management of complex emergency and critical care cases. Themed “Innovations in the emergency department,” the experts discussed novel technology and tools in Emergency Medicine and advances in sepsis management, among others.

Anaesthesia and Pain Management Conference

Themed “Anaesthesia Medley: Classic tunes with new jingles,” the Anaesthesia and Pain Management Conference featured internationally renowned subject matter experts. In fact, they gave regional and global perspectives on the effective use of telemedicine in the preoperative and intraoperative setting. They also included updates on obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric anesthesia. Attendees learned about effective pain management techniques and best practices for handling emotional stress, maitaining the quality of patient care.

14th Quality Management Conference

The 14th Quality Management Conference focused on maintaining and enhancing current healthcare systems while dealing with ongoing resource constraints and rising service demand. The program, themed “Analyzing trends in transformation for sustained improvement,” was designed to help participants advance their careers. In fact, it provided practical knowledge for improving individual practices and system performance. Quality leaders, advanced practice providers, and nurses discussed current information on healthcare delivery, patient safety culture, and other topics.

Public Health Conference

The Public Health Conference, together with Sheikh Shakbout Medical City, aimed to influence the healthcare’s direction in the area. The program brought together experts to discuss the best recent and upcoming initiatives on the most critical public health issues. In addition to the pandemic, the program sought to address other pertinent topics of equal importance, such as non-communicable diseases. Additionally, it touched on the impact of climate change on population health and mental well-being. The comprehensive agenda highlighted the fundamental problems that affected public health and offered solutions for managing and controlling them.

Final Thoughts

These conferences in Arab Health 2023 are drivers of innovation. They are effectively changing medicine as we know it by allowing open communications and the product showcase. This event, on its own, is a game-changer for the MENA region. It is helping redefine medicine, especially in OB/GYN and emergency medicine. Finally, it has brought forth the best Arab minds of this decade and given them a platform to discuss their fields of expertise.