Apple to Overhaul Siri with AI for App Control

Apple is set to revamp its Siri Apple AI virtual assistant, aiming to expand its capabilities significantly.

Apple is set to revamp its Siri Apple AI virtual assistant, aiming to expand its capabilities significantly. This change, allowing Siri to control individual app functions through voice commands for the first time.

The smart assistant’s upgrade involves reworking Siri’s base software with advanced large language models, a type of technology at the heart of generative AI. This enhancement is part of a broader push by the giant to integrate more AI features into its devices, signaling a major shift in how users interact with their Apple products.

What’s New with Siri?

The updated Siri Apple AI will be capable of performing a wide range of tasks within apps. Users will be able to ask Siri to open specific documents, move items, send emails, and even provide summaries of articles, all through voice commands. Initially, these new features will be available in Apple’s own apps, supporting hundreds of different commands to streamline daily tasks.

Worldwide Developers Conference Reveal

Apple plans to unveil these innovations at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. The event is expected to showcase not only Siri’s capabilities but also other AI-driven features like voice memo transcriptions, automated replies, and advanced photo editing tools. The aim is to make digital interactions more intuitive and efficient for Apple device users.

Privacy and Data Security

Amid these advancements, Apple remains focused on user privacy. The new system will determine whether tasks should be processed on the device or handled via cloud computing, with sensitive operations secured by Apple’s in-house server chips. An “intelligence offered by Apple will clarify how user data is protected, reinforcing the company’s commitment to user privacy without creating profiles of its customers.

Future and User Experience

The first rollout of the new iOS system with updated Siri Apple AI is expected next year as part of iOS 18, with preliminary versions appearing alongside new iPhone models this September. The upgrades aim to make Siri more responsive and capable of handling complex command sequences, potentially boosting user productivity and enhancing their interaction with Apple devices.

Market Impact

With these upgrades, Apple is not just optimizing device functionality but also promoting users to upgrade their hardware. The most advanced on-device AI features will necessitate the latest hardware, such as the iPhone 15 Pro or newer models equipped with at least an M1 chip for Macs and iPads.

Apple’s initiative to advance Siri’s capabilities reflects its strategy to regain leadership in AI and voice-command technology, areas where it has faced stiff competition from services like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. This move also comes at a time when Apple is navigating a challenging market environment, with its stock performance lagging behind peers.

Needless to say, the iPhone parent is betting big on these features to invigorate its product lineup and appeal to a tech-savvy consumer base eager for the next level of device interaction.

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