Both Co-founders Are Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes 

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Bigfoot Unity is based in Milpitas, California. The start-up company is designed to retrieve information from Abbott’s Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and allow physicians to use the information and prescribe recommended insulin doses for patients. The thin line that separates technology from other smart pens is that the smart pen works with insulin. It is composed of three major components including basal insulin and rapid acting insulin. 

A summary of an interview held with the co-founders of Bigfoot Biomedical

Both co-founders are parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. During an interview with Medtech Dive, the dads claimed to be aware of the difficulties in controlling insulin-dependent diabetes. In order to avoid significant repercussions, this entails tracking carbohydrate intake, monitoring glucose levels, and making crucial dosing decisions. They were inspired to develop a more technologically advanced, user-friendly, and patient-centered solution.  

It deals with a big issue by producing a solution that is compatible with various insulin types and brands. Due to negotiated agreements, insurance companies now determine the insulin brand that patients must use. Because of this, many patients change insulin brands every year, which is inconvenient for doctors who must write new prescriptions. Bigfoot’s strategy seeks to address this issue by providing interoperability with different insulin manufacturers. 

To reach a larger audience with their practical answer, Abbott decided to acquire the company. Since they were a tiny business, they had trouble getting the funding and operational support they needed to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.  

Bigfoot Unity saw a limited introduction in 2021 after gaining FDA approval, primarily among those with Type 2 diabetes. A1c values significantly decreased because of the study, indicating greater insulin utilization. Since information on insulin injection details was previously unavailable, this is a significant opportunity. 

Given that insulin pens are designed to meet the needs of a sizable and diversified community of patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Bigfoot decided to concentrate on them. Over 90% of people who need insulin use injections; pumps are less frequent, especially among people with Type 2 diabetes. 

Their approach complements insulin pumps by offering a less complex, more affordable alternative that doesn’t require users to fundamentally alter how they administer their insulin. It provides an important piece of the puzzle for people who depend on insulin injections, assisting them in getting better results. 

Advancements in technology related to diabetes since the finding of Bigfoot have been significant to medicine. Closed-loop systems, like the Omnipod, exist and work well. The Omnipod pumps insulin in a deliverable manner through a tubeless waterproof insulin pump. This process happens without any multiple injections.  

The achievements of these two fathers is the sweetest thing!

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