Partnership between the Telecom and Aviation Industries

the Telecom and Aviation Industries

The telecom and aviation industries are to collaborate, in further efforts to increase innovation. The mobile ecosystem is seeking to build a key partnership with the aviation industry, with an emphasis on connected drones. The growing relationship between both telecom and aviation industries presents a major opportunity to activate a vast range of drone-based applications across several sectors. Drones are driving numerous use cases, and creating many socio-economic benefits across the world. As such, the use and functionality of drones in commercial business activity continues to broaden and the mobile industry is accelerating growth in this area. Drones represent a viable opportunity for telecom operators to grow and diversify their revenue streams. Telecom operators can enhance the safety of drone operations by helping to pinpoint their location, improve communication and identify and mitigate security risks. Mobile networks can also provide drones with high speed connectivity over wide areas, making them the ideal solution.

As a representative of the interests of the mobile industry with the commercial drone market, the GSMA has built a strategic alliance with the Global UTM Association (GUTMA). Together, they will be working on achieving the full potential of cellular connectivity in drones, while creating connectivity between and within ecosystems; enabling drones and other connected vehicles to safely redefine their expectations of the airspace. Both plan on working close together to explore all the logistics, challenges, threats, and opportunities that are related to aerial connectivity and could witness a series of recommendations that lead to the creation of new standards around the world.

After the first edition GUTMA’s Connected Skies conference in Oregon, Portland, the GUTMA have catered a series of Webinars regarding Connected Skies. The purpose of the virtual forum is to bridge the gap between the telecom and aviation industries, while trying to achieve synergy.