Suspension of an Electronic Payment Services App and Concerns of Hacking in Egypt

A service of an application owned by the company “Fawry” for electronic payment solutions and digital financial services in Egypt hasbeen suspended amidst fears of a hack of the application and demands for quick unsubscribing to prevent the seizure of customers’ personal data.

Fawry Company announced in an official statement that “there was no attack or breach of the company’s information system,” affirming the “efficiency and security of its electronic defenses across all its platforms and services offered electronically,” and pointing out the inaccuracy of what was circulated on social media in the recent hours.

Ashraf Sabri, the CEO of the company, explained to Sky News Arabia what happened in the last hours, saying:

“We received unconfirmed information late on Wednesday evening about a problem in some of our electronically provided services, and we immediately took several actions to determine the validity of these rumors.”

Throughout the night and until the beginning of Thursday, all the company’s transactions were examined, through conducting many searches and tests by our internal technical support team.

“After completing all the tests, we confirmed that there was no breach of customers’ financial and banking data, or a crisis in the company’s applications.”

We do not face any problem inside the company, but there is a temporary glitch in one of the applications and the website due to customer pressure, as it has seen a significant movement in the past hours after the spread of rumors.

After the wave of heavy access to the site and the application by the customers ends, both will return to normal operation and the crisis will end, allowing everyone to carry out their financial transactions smoothly.

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