Synthesia’s AI-Generated Avatars Convey Emotional Expression 

Synthesia, Nvidia-back AI startup has introduced a new range AI-generated digital avatars that express human emotions through text inputs. 

Synthesia, Nvidia-back AI startup has introduced a new range AI-generated digital avatars that express human emotions through text inputs. 

The company claims that the aim of its “Expressive Avatars” is to create a seamless connection between the digital and real world, seeking to eliminate the need for traditional equipment used in video production, such as cameras and microphones and other tools. 

Synthesia’s London-based studio, founded in 2017, serves as a training site for actors. In this studio, they can read scripts through a green screen to teach the system. 

During a presentation, the company showcased its new technology by prompting three sentences that had completely different meanings, like “I am happy. I am sad. I am frustrated. The AI generated actor in video was then capable of vocalizing these sentences using the accurate tone for each feeling. 

This technology is effectively deployed by more than 55,000 companies, with half of the Fortune 100 among the clients. In fact, these companies use this technology with the aim to create digital avatars for various purposes, including corporate presentations and training videos. 

Last year, the startup secured $90 million of funding, leading to a valuation of $1 billion, maintaining its position as the leading AI company in the UK. It is also worth noting that major investors, including Accel, Kleiner Perkins, GV, FirstMark Capital, and MMC, have all shown their support for the company. 

As for concerns related to potential of misusing this technology for the generation of fake news, Synthesia has taken measures to ensure its responsible use. It requires publishers to become enterprise customers for them to access its avatar features. Additionally, all content generated through this technology is carefully reviewed and monitored. 

As for the pricing, the Nvidia-backed company did not disclose any information about its enterprise customers. While new clients must be subjected to a thorough ‘Know Your Customer’ process, which is also applied in the banking sector to avoid misinformation. 

In anticipation of the upcoming elections that will be held in different countries, the company has implemented strict measures to prevent the use of its platform from being used by malicious actors to manipulate elections results. 

Synthesia is also a member of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, working with other AI firms to introduce content credentials and digital “watermarking” for AI-generated content. These efforts ensure that viewers can distinguish between content created by AI and that by humans. 

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