IoT Powering Smart Agriculture

The agricultural economy is expanded through smart farming, which also helps meet the global community’s enormous needs. IoT in agriculture can lead to better food, more supply, and affordable farming. Over the past few decades, agriculture has seen several technological changes that have made it more industrialized and technology-driven. Farmers have improved control over producing […]

The Impact of Telecom on Agricultural Production

You probably cannot emphasize the importance of having immediate access to vast amounts of data enough. Especially in today’s environment of rapid change. Drones, autonomous agricultural vehicles, and IoT gadgets can all increase agriculture’s sustainability and profitability in the new era of 5G connectivity. You can feel the impact of telecom on agricultural production across […]

Transgenic Plants: Applications, Examples, and Methods

Prior to the development of transgenic plants, crops were altered to increase their productivity using the principle of selection. There has been a selection process like this for ages. The world’s population may top nine billion people by the year 2050. To meet the demands of such a huge population in some previous ages, food […]

China Pig Breeders go High-Tech in Self-Sufficiency Push

Tiny slivers of ear tissue snipped from hours-old piglets offer valuable clues for the team at Best Genetics Group (BGG) as it strives to improve the genetics of China’s hog herd to produce cheaper meat for the world’s top pork consumer. Breeding pigs that have larger litters, reach slaughter weight quicker and require less feed […]