App Algorithm Details

China’s top internet watchdog said on Friday tech giants such as Tencent Holdings and Alibaba Group have submitted details of algorithms used in some of their products, complying with a drive by authorities to tighten oversight of platform algorithms. The rules are part of a broad regulatory crackdown by Beijing against its once free-wheeling technology […]

SEC's Delisting Watchlist

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on Friday became the latest company to be added to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s list of Chinese companies that might be delisted. Alibaba’s shares were down 11 percent at $89.37 at the closing bell, ending the month 21.4 percent lower. The e-commerce giant’s shares were already feeling the pressure […]

In its latest move to expand its banned list of Chinese applications, India has placed tech companies in a much more difficult position for operational oversight in South Africa. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology added 54 Chinese tech companies to its list of banned companies under security pretenses, according to the Economic Times on Monday. […]

According to state-backed media reports, Alibaba Cloud Computing’s information-sharing partnership was put to an end on Wednesday by Chinese watchdogs, following allegations of neglecting to report and tackle a cyber threat. The 21st Century Business Herald reported that the subsidiary of the e-commerce giant failed to promptly report weaknesses in the famous, open course logging […]

E-commerce giant Alibaba eased its financial backers during its annual Investors’ Day on Friday as the company maintained its rise and is seeking to explore operational environmental sustainability goals by 2030. Over the past year, the Chinese titan has been fighting off a bundle of challenges directed at it, be it regulatory or in-house challenges, […]

Human resources and upper management wouldn’t deal with her accusation of sexual assault, a former employee of Alibaba said. So she went into the busy cafeteria at the Chinese e-commerce giant’s headquarters and screamed out her plight. Now she’s facing online harassment, accusations of lying from the wives of the two men she accused and […]

China’s largest e-commerce group Alibaba said Monday it is appointing a new chief financial officer and reorganizing its e-commerce businesses amid a regulatory crackdown in the technology industry. The company said in a statement Monday that Toby Xu will succeed Maggie Wu as its new CFO from April 1, 2022. Xu joined Alibaba from PricewaterhouseCoopers […]

The cyberspace administration and police department related to China’s industry ministry said on Tuesday, it had summoned the cloud units of both Alibaba and Baidu Inc. urging them to better prevent telecom network fraud. according to a report in Reuters quoting the country’s industry ministry sources. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) cybersecurity […]