UAE Positioned as Global Crypto Hub, Asserts Coinbase CEO 

As the digital economy continues to expand rapidly. The UAE has strategically positioned itself to become a global hub for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In a statement, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, expressed his confidence in the UAE’s potential to lead the way in the crypto space.  […]

Silvergate's Planned Liquidation Fuels Another Crypto Rout

Silvergate Capital Corp, one of the biggest banks in the cryptocurrency industry, said on Wednesday it was planning to wind down operations and liquidate voluntarily. MARKET REACTION Shares of crypto-related companies fell on Thursday, as the bank’s collapse sparked a crisis of confidence in the industry. Silvergate shares were down 26% while peer Signature Bank […]

Mercedes-Benz Cars to Have ‘Supercomputers’, Unveils Google Partnership

Mercedes-Benz said on Wednesday it has teamed up with Google on navigation and will offer “super computer-like performance” in every car with automated driving sensors as it seeks to compete with Tesla and Chinese newcomers. Automakers new and old are racing to match software-powered features pioneered by Tesla, which allow for vehicle performance, battery range […]

Coinbase Posts Loss as Crypto Market Turmoil Hits Trading Volumes

Coinbase Global Inc reported a larger-than-expected quarterly loss as investors worried by this year’s rout in risky assets shied away from trading in cryptocurrencies causing a crypto market turmoil, sending its shares down 6 percent after the bell on Tuesday. Trading volumes at the cryptocurrency exchange more than halved to $217 billion in the second […]

Coinbase Blocks 25,000 Accounts Linked to Russia

Coinbase backed up the sanctions against Russia and revealed the extent to which it works with governments, stating it has blocked over 25,000 accounts linked to Russians the company believes are undertaking an illicit activity.   “Many whom we have identified through our proactive investigations,” the company said in a blog post.   “Once we identified the […]

Coinbase Adds Tax Center to Platforms to Report Crypto Taxes

Famous cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, uncovered plans to add its latest tax center on its platforms to assist U.S.-based customers in figuring out how much taxes they owe the IRS from their cryptocurrency transactions. When tax day comes, the section will assemble every transaction made and put them all together into one space to facilitate their […]

Novi, Facebook digital wallet sirens regulatory warning

Facebook launched on Tuesday its own digital wallet Novi to support decentralized currencies in collaboration with Coinbase and was faced with an urge from U.S. senators and lawmakers to cease the wallet’s pilot release, effective immediately.  One notion Facebook’s six-hour outage proved to us: the magnitude of our reliance on just one company. Facebook made […]