Data Privacy

Ex-twitter Worker

A former Twitter Inc manager convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia by sharing user data several years ago and potentially exposing users to persecution was sentenced to 3-1/2 years in prison on Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors said. Ahmad Abouammo had been found guilty by a jury in August following a trial in federal court in San […]

Sold on Bot Markets

Around five million people globally have had their data stolen and sold on the bot market till date, of which 600,000 are from India, making it the worst affected country, according to one of the world’s largest VPN serice providers NordVPN. Bot markets are used by hackers to sell stolen data from victims’ devices with […]

Privacy Issues in IT

In our current era, data and information are becoming an increasingly crucial element in our daily life. Be it as an individual or a customer, your data is vital. The right to privacy is essential for you to understand and protect. IT can gain visibility into all your data infrastructure within an evolving technology landscape. […]

Which Of The Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service, S3, is a cloud object storage service offering world-class services. Data availability, security, and performance. Companies from various scales can use Amazon S3 to store and keep their data safe. Amazon S3 offers management features allowing you to optimize and organize your data. Many myths have been formulated, so which of […]


Blockchain has already made its mark on the world. The cryptocurrency world has blockchain at its core, moving many industries forward and changing lives. This distributed ledger technology (DLT) might disrupt many carrier fields, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit many others. Blockchain is already finding its way to mainstream appeal, but when will […]

Data Privacy Lawsuit

Meta Platforms Inc’s Facebook has in-principle agreed to settle a lawsuit in the San Francisco federal court seeking damages for letting third parties including Cambridge Analytica access the private data of users, a court filing showed. The financial terms were not disclosed in the filing on Friday that asked the judge to put the class […]