Asia Today: Remote-learning begins in virus-hit Philippines

Grade and high school students in the Philippines began classes at home Monday after the coronavirus pandemic forced remote-learning onto an educational system already struggling to fund schools. The shift to distance-learning has been a logistical nightmare for the poverty-stricken Southeast Asian country that has long lacked enough classrooms, teachers and educational equipment. Nearly 25 […]

Q&A How to handle technology issues with online school

Across the U.S., the pandemic has forced students to attend virtual school to prevent spread of the coronavirus. But the more we rely on technology, the bigger the consequences when gadgets or internet service let us down. Technology being technology, all sorts of things can go wrong. Your internet service may be inadequate for all-day […]

Omantel promotes remote learning within the Sultanate

Omantel, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has introduced G Suite for Education, a collection of free apps by Google, designed especially for schools throughout the Sultanate. The company has stepped up to meet the challenges educators and students face with the spread of Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown, using remote learning. Teachers and […]

Virus spurs unexpected test for US schools: Online learning

By JENNIFER PELTZ Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — The coronavirus shutdowns have launched an unplanned, unprecedented experiment with online education at schools across the U.S., and the nation’s largest school system plunged in Monday as New York City asked over 1.1 million students to log in and learn. After a whirlwind week of planning, […]

The positive impact of e-learning tools on the education system

Education has witnessed a transformational shift in the recent years. Conventional teaching methods and practices have been influenced by the rapid advancements of technology – making e-learning tools an integral part of the modern-day education system. E-learning, facilitates education in a way that was not previously achieved with conventional classroom teaching strategies. Inside Telecom looks […]