Omantel promotes remote learning within the Sultanate

remote learning within the Sultanate

Omantel, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has introduced G Suite for Education, a collection of free apps by Google, designed especially for schools throughout the Sultanate. The company has stepped up to meet the challenges educators and students face with the spread of Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown, using remote learning.

Teachers and students in Oman are now able to access G Suite for Education for all remote learning needs. Users can log in from any mobile or computer device to attend classes, submit and receive assignments, review course material, give and get feedback, engage in all forms of schooling remotely, and even interact in real-time on a shared canvas. Through this platform, education in Oman is anticipated to enter a new era of e-learning and distance education.

Aladdin Abdullah Baitfadhil, General Manager of Sales at Omantel, stated that as the provider of integrated telecom services, it is Omantel’s responsibility to aid their customers, government organizations, and other companies in overcoming the challenges presented by Covid-19. Schools are looking for ways to continue their curriculums without the need to attend, and remote learning is the only viable alternative. G Suite for Education is a practical option under such circumstances.

Baitfadhil went on to mention that, the education system in Oman has had breakthrough in modern, tech-driven solutions to education across the Sultanate. By utilizing the newest technologies, academics can proceed with their learning activities, which include: online examination, class attendance through video call, and sharing of educational content.

This of course, relies heavily on the ability of educational institutions to stay connected. Having 95% broadband coverage country-wide, Omantel can guarantee G Suite for Education will be accessible to over 450,000 students of grades 5 to 12 throughout Oman, with grade 12 being the first to adopt the tools, followed shortly by other grades. Dr Nasser Abdullah Al Abri, Director General of IT at the Ministry of Education expressed how pleased he is with the cooperation with Omantel, as technicians, designers and programmers from the ministry dedicate themselves to the project. With this collaboration, they will be able to bring the necessary connectivity and tools to almost all areas of Oman, and push education forward, in spite of the pandemic.