STC Health Centers Initiative valued at 100m SAR

STC Health Center Initiative valued at 100m SAR

STC Health Centers have launched as part of the company’s strategic alliance with the ministry of health, which is working on increasing prevention from the Corona virus pandemic and limiting its spread. STC have doubled their operational efficiency and awareness outreach of 22 of their healthcare centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company is dedicated to offering long-lasting social initiatives and as part of their efforts, STC Health Centers offer both healthcare support and participate in awareness campaigns. The centers constitute an initiative valued at SAR 100 million.

The STC has covered the cost of both healthcare and equipment pf the STC Health Centers. The 22 centers will provide services to more than 5 million beneficiaries and patients at the launch of its operations. STC, are aiming to increase the efficiency of the center’s infrastructure and enabling digital services as part of the customer journey.

In related efforts, advanced cloud computing based health services have also been introduced to form just some of the digital solutions STC offers to medical centers and hospitals that have an association with the Ministry of Health. Such solutions, offer great medical benefits across the world, especially when it comes down to 5G linked micro-procedures. These services further enhance others, like that of medical imaging technology, EMI, and medical imaging platform PAX.

These services make it possible for an expert to provide a diagnosis and analyze images. These solutions will be deployed in dozens of hospitals across the Kingdom to enhance the quality and efficiency of services they offer to their patients.

In addition to that, STC and the Ministry of Heath are working together as part of a join campaign executed across traditional and digital media outlets, to increase awareness among the public, on methods to prevent the spread of Corona virus.

 In the past six weeks alone, over 1.7 billion messages have been sent out in 10 languages. Similar campaigns have been also launched by STC affiliates in Bahrain and Kuwait.