European Union

Inflation Reduction Act Concerns

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Friday he was talking to the United States and European Union about the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act amid concern it could make European markets uncompetitive. There are concerns in Europe that the United States’ $369 billion of subsidies for electric vehicles and other clean technologies could put companies […]

EU Aid

EU businesses can get as much government funding as from a U.S. green energy subsidy package, under looser European Commission rules announced on Thursday aimed at keeping them in Europe. The rules target investments in renewable energy, decarbonising industry, hydrogen or zero-emission vehicles in a bid to counter the lure of the U.S. Inflation Reduction […]

New Data Rules

Britain will make another attempt to reform its data protection law on Wednesday with the objective of easing the compliance burden for businesses while remaining sufficiently in line with the European Union to keep information flowing. The government said it would bring an updated Data Protection and Digital Information Bill back to parliament after its […]

EU carbon

Europe’s carbon price hit a record 100 euros ($106) per tonne on Tuesday, a long-awaited milestone that boosts the economic case for some green technologies and hits industry with its largest bill yet for carbon dioxide emissions. The European Union has pledged to cut its emissions by 55% by 2030 versus 1990 levels. One of […]

factories in Europe

The European Union is seeking to bolster semiconductor production after a global shortage over the past two years. Under the European Chips Act, the European Commission earmarked early last year a total of 15 billion euros ($16 billion) for public and private semiconductor projects by 2030. Below are some of the chipmakers’ plans for factories […]

EU Action Against Apple

Music streaming service Spotify Technology, along with other media firms such as Deezer, urged the European Commission to take action against Apple Inc for anticompetitive and unfair practices, in a joint industry letter on Wednesday. The letter, addressed to the European Union antitrust regulator’s Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, demanded the Commission to act fast for […]

WTO Case Against China

The European Commission said on Wednesday it had requested the formation of adjudicating panels at the World Trade Organization, the next step in two trade disputes with China after failing to resolve them bilaterally. The disputes, both brought to the WTO at the beginning of the year, concern alleged Chinese restrictions on EU companies’ rights […]

Twitter Answering Privacy Concerns

The lead privacy regulator for Twitter in the European Union said it was concerned about the potential impact of layoffs at the social media company on its ability to meet privacy obligations, but said it was so far getting answers to its questions. Twitter has fired top executives and enforced steep job cuts with little […]