Water Infrastructure Uplifting Fiber

The widespread provision of fiber optic connectivity, also known as fiber densification, is one of the essential concerns of our day. Beyond the apparent requirement for next-generation internet access, ultra-fast fiber connectivity is necessary for business, industry, and a nation’s economy. The Internet of Things, which requires the high-locational availability of ultra-fast fiber connections, will […]

How to check your broadband speed?

The next time your home internet connection is struggling; to load a website, a round of Warzone is lagging or Netflix keeps buffering while you’re binging that new series — take a few minutes to troubleshoot. Start by checking your internet connection’s speed, while amplifying any perceived connection issues from your internet service provider is […]

Freedom Fibre selects DZS products for UK fibre network roll-out

UK fibre network operator Freedom Fibre has appointed DZS, global provider of broadband connectivity, mobile, optical transport and SDN solutions, to support the roll-out of its full-fibre broadband network. The purpose is to build an all-new, high-performance fiber network for nationwide telecom innovator TalkTalk, which serves over 4 million customers across the country. Already underway, […]

Fibre connections are on the rise

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have released their latest statistics which show that nine of its member countries now have half of their broadband connections using fibre. This is up from six countries from the previous year. In total, the share of fibre in broadband connections covering the 37 countries increased to 27% […]