Fintech Solutions

And what is the future of fintech?

It takes time to navigate the banking and finance sectors. Despite being regarded as rather conventional areas, they are constantly changing. Financial technology, or “FinTech” as it is more commonly called, is a critical sector of expansion. However, how will fintech impact financial services in the future? And what is the future of fintech? Consider […]

Crypto empowerment

Crypto can enable financial inclusion and economic empowerment across the globe in many areas where financial services are either lacking or even  corrupted. Users of crypto can bypass some international and banking restrictions and even have an alternative to storing and saving money. As it stands today, crypto is the wild west. However, large global […]

Peak Fintech

Financial innovations are happening globally, with telecom companies aiming to be critical players and thrive alongside and by utilizing fintech solutions and finding a footing in the fintech space. Experts note that the shift into digital aspects will be permanent. Smartphones currently power financial services and payments, allowing access to revitalized data, embracing technological innovations, […]

Is Blockchain the Future of Finance?

Gains in actively traded assets that can be easily attained are what is driving the first wave of applications in banking and finance. These include improved data security, simplified customer verification required by Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) standards, faster processing, and recordkeeping facilitation. Trading is supported by the common denominator of […]