Food Indsutry

IoT Powering Smart Agriculture

The agricultural economy is expanded through smart farming, which also helps meet the global community’s enormous needs. IoT in agriculture can lead to better food, more supply, and affordable farming. Over the past few decades, agriculture has seen several technological changes that have made it more industrialized and technology-driven. Farmers have improved control over producing […]

The Future of Grocery Shopping and Amazon Fresh

It has been over two years since Amazon made up its mind to change the future of grocery shopping and opened up its first Amazon Fresh store.  Now, they have shifted into high gear and opened up dozens of stores across the U.S., continually expanding into new cities.   Most recently an Amazon fresh grocery store […]

Drones Will Soon Energize Dubai's Food Industry

In the 1990s, the internet took the world by storm and vitalized the e-commerce industry. A couple of decades later, drones are set to elevate the food industry. Interest in Drone technology is surging in UAE, and Dubai is pioneering it, so how are drones used in the Dubai food industry? Can Drones Deliver Food? […]