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Japan is set to begin pumping more than a million tonnes of treated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant on Aug. 24.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met his commanders in two regions of Ukraine that Moscow claims to have annexed, while Russian forces stepped up artillery bombardments and air strikes on the devastated eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Diplomacy * The Group of Seven industrial powers on Tuesday criticised Russia’s threat to station nuclear weapons in Belarus, […]

new EV for China

Japan’s Nissan Motor on Tuesday unveiled a new electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) at the Shanghai auto show as it pledged its commitment to the Chinese auto market, which it said was likely to continue to pioneer the rise of electric cars. China has long been a key market for Nissan, but like other global automakers, […]

unity amid tensions

The Group of Seven industrial powers drew together on Tuesday to criticise China’s coercion of Taiwan and Russia’s threat to station nuclear weapons in Belarus, promising to intensify sanctions on Moscow for its war on neighbouring Ukraine. “The strength of the solidarity between the G7 foreign ministers is at a level not seen before,” Japan’s […]

Regulate AI

Italy’s data protection agency said on Wednesday it would lift its temporary ban on OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) technology if the U.S. company complied with data protection and privacy demands by end-April. Rapid advances in AI such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT are complicating governments’ efforts to agree on laws governing the use of the […]

treble sales

Japan’s industry ministry said on Monday it aimed to treble sales of semiconductors made in Japan to 15 trillion yen ($112.55 billion) by 2030 as Tokyo strives to boost domestic microchip production following global supply chain snarls. Japan sees microchips as strategic products to strengthen its economic security and is providing hefty subsidies to Taiwan […]

China was strongly dissatisfied with Japan’s export restrictions on chip manufacturing equipment, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said on Monday. China hoped Japan would act on its statements of cooperation with China and take an objective stance, Mao told reporters at a regular briefing. Japan said on Friday it would restrict exports of 23 […]

parts shortage eases

Toyota Motor Corp said on Thursday that global sales hit a record for the month of February as it bounced back from severe pandemic-induced parts shortages, adding that worldwide production also increased for a second straight month. Japan’s biggest automaker said in a statement, however, that shortages of parts continue to be a problem. During […]