Lockheed Martin Corp

Mass Supersonic Travel on the Horizon Again?

In three days’ time on January 12th, a project that’s overdue by only about 55 years will take flight. A NASA project by the name of QUESST, an acronym for quiet supersonic transport, will provide the first demonstration of a sonic boom-less flight. The aircraft that will cruise through the sound barrier with barely a […]

U.S. Weapons Sales to Get Stricter Human Rights Review Under Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration unveiled on Thursday a long-awaited overhaul of arms export policy with increased emphasis on human rights, backing off a Trump-era policy of giving more weight to commercial concerns. As Reuters reported on Wednesday, the new Commercial Arms Transfer (CAT) policy covers review of security assistance, government-to-government weapons transfers and licensed […]

China Sanctions Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Over Taiwan Arms Sales

China on Thursday put Lockheed Martin Corp and Raytheon Technologies Corp on an “unreliable entities list” over arms sales to Taiwan, banning them from imports and exports related to China in its latest sanctions against the two U.S. companies. The measures come amid heightened tensions after the U.S. military shot down what it says was […]