malicious applications

Long before the inception of the internet, in 1971, the world’s first malware was born. Dubbed “The Creeper,” it behaved like a worm by infiltrating Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) computers and spreading via a network protocol posting the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can” as it went. The intention was […]

how to prevent data breach 

The world keeps adapting to the online aspect of life day by day. Companies now have to worry about their cybersecurity to protect their interest and the safety of customer data. Data breaches are increasing rapidly, and no one is safe, especially some of the industry’s most prominent companies. It is vital to have a […]

Tech Support Scams

  Scammers most probably emerged as soon as the internet was born. As soon as its ability to connect with people was evident, scammers saw it as an opportunity to reach more victims. As technology progresses, so will they. They adapt to the newest trends and come up with even more absurd ideas to try […]

Tech Support Scams

The world of computers has changed drastically. Computers started as an entire room but now they are compact enough for you to carry them worldwide. For a while, people thought of computers as fragile systems virtually could easily be infected with viruses, which promoted the use of Antivirus and Windows defender software. Such a notion […]