Mobile Phones

Embracing Nostalgia and Meeting Diverse Needs 

Nokia has taken a different approach in a world dominated by constant technological advancements and a perpetual stream of new smartphone models. Despite the fast-paced nature of the industry, Nokia continues to release older phone models, sparking curiosity and raising questions. However, behind this seemingly unconventional strategy lie several compelling reasons that shed light on […]

Nokia Reinvents Itself Again

Nokia is timeless. This sentence echoes true with the re-release of the Nokia 2660 Flip. The same old trusty Finnish components coated with a younger, fresh exterior and colors. What makes this phone special? Let’s find out.  A Fusion of Elegance and Cutting-Edge Features:  The Nokia 2660 Flip has struck the perfect balance between elegance […]

Intel to Work with Arm on Chip Manufacturing Compatibility

Intel Corp on Wednesday said its chip contract manufacturing division will work with U.K.-based chip designer Arm Ltd to ensure that mobile phone chips and other products that use Arm’s technology can be made in Intel’s factories. Once the biggest name in chips known as central processing units (CPUs), Intel has seen long seen its […]