National Security Threats

TikTok Issues: Data Privacy and Children’s Rights Violations

TikTok issues have been the talk of the world lately, especially data privacy and children’s rights violations. Lately, numerous countries are banning TikTok citing security concerns. It comes down to two main reasons: data privacy and the lack of protection for children and minors. The application has 1.534 billion users out of which 1 billion […]

Biden to Discuss Risks of AI in Tuesday Meeting with Science Advisers

U.S. President Joe Biden will discuss the “risks and opportunities” that artificial intelligence poses for people, society and national security during a meeting with science and technology advisers at the White House on Tuesday, an official said. Biden, a Democrat, is scheduled to meet with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) […]

China Says U.S. Presumption of Guilt Against TikTok Is Baseless

The U.S. has made a presumption of guilt against TikTok without presenting any evidence that threatens its national security, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday regarding the TikTok bill. “U.S. should respect fair competition, and stop suppressing foreign companies,” Mao said, while answering a question about U.S. lawmakers pushing forward with the bill, which […]

Australia Could Reap $11.3 Billion from Battery Sector by 2030 - Accenture

Australia’s revenue potential from developing a battery industry has doubled to A$16.9 billion ($11.28 billion) by 2030 in less than two years, highlighting the speed of the sector’s expansion and the need to act quickly, an Accenture report showed on Wednesday. Australia’s battery industry is poised to become a global leader given the country’s mineral […]

Twelve U.S. Senators Back Giving Commerce Secretary New Powers to Ban TikTok

A bipartisan group of 12 U.S. senators will introduce legislation Tuesday that would give Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo new powers to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok and other foreign-based technologies if they pose national security threats, Senator Mark Warner said. “I think it is a national security threat,” Warner said on CNBC, adding the bill […]

U.S. Launches 'Disruptive Technology' Strike Force to Target National Security Threats

A top U.S. law enforcement official on Thursday unveiled a new “disruptive technology strike force” tasked with safe-guarding American technology from foreign adversaries and other national security threats. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, the No. 2 official at the U.S. Justice Department, announced the new strike force at a speech in London at Chatham House. […]