Open RAN

Open Radio Access Network Is Telecom's Next Big Thing

Network Operators Got $42.3 Million for Open RAN Their Testing Needs The U.S. federal government has granted $42.3 million to a consortium of major telecom network operators and suppliers to make their Open Radio Access Network ambitions come true. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has granted $42.3 million for the deployment of Open […]

How Telcos Mitigate Their Expenses

The battle to find new ways to cut costs and generate extra income is intensifyin in the fiercely competitive and high-stakes field of telecommunications. Since operators want to grow and gain a competitive edge, cost optimization models for telecom expenses in the telecom sector are a hot topic. A fundamental shift in organizational culture is […]

Middle East Operators Establish Region’s First Open RAN Centralized Test Lab in Collaboration with TIP and Intel

Batelco and Omantel join five operators in the ground-breaking Open RAN MoU ABU DHABI, 02 March 2022: Middle East operators have opened the first regional community lab in collaboration with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Intel, following the signing of the Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) MoU last year. The move will accelerate the implementation […]