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Monty Mobile’s Cloud Service: No More Low-Resolution Photos and Videos on Instagram and Facebook. Will This Soon Come True?!

Earlier last month, Monty Mobile offered a cloud service to Instagram & Facebook, enabling their users to upload their photos and videos in the highest resolution possible, hence increasing their customers’ loyalty and retention. Unfortunately, although all phone holders across the world struggle to get the latest iOS and Android, mainly for enjoying posting their […]

Monty Mobile: The First Company in the Middle East & Africa to Provide 5G End-to-End Solutions for Telcos

Monty Mobile provides an in-house, cost-effective, well-optimized 4G+ and 5G end-to-end wireless solution serving both small and large-scale mobile and fixed operators targeting both urban and rural areas. Moreover, operators are offered flexible payment plans for up to 5 years, first payment after 3 years, helping them stay ahead of their competitors. This on- cloud […]