Monty Mobile’s Cloud Service: No More Low-Resolution Photos and Videos on Instagram and Facebook. Will This Soon Come True?!

Monty Mobile’s Cloud Service

Earlier last month, Monty Mobile offered a cloud service to Instagram & Facebook, enabling their users to upload their photos and videos in the highest resolution possible, hence increasing their customers’ loyalty and retention.

Unfortunately, although all phone holders across the world struggle to get the latest iOS and Android, mainly for enjoying posting their pictures and memories on Instagram and Facebook, they remain disappointed because once uploaded all the static posts and stories lose their resolution. And despite all the technological advancements to date, Meta has yet to develop a way to address this widespread issue!

Having customer satisfaction at the core of their technology, Monty Mobile has offered Instagram and Facebook a cloud service enabling their users to upload their desired pictures or even videos with the highest resolution possible. The process is simple! The customers are free to subscribe to a package of GB allowing them to benefit from a higher resolution on the one hand, and helping Meta generate more and bigger revenues on the other.

The question remains, will Meta adopt Monty Mobile’s service and attend to their customers’ needs?

Being able to post a photo in the highest resolution possible is soon to be a reality?!

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