Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing in Banking: Is any of It a Good Idea?

As we speak, our traditional trust-based banking system is crumbling down like a house of cards. Most experts hope that blockchain-based finance, or in other words, no-trust finance, will salvage the economy. Now, more than ever before, people are careful where they invest their money. But with the threat of malicious quantum computing use cases, […]

Quantum Computing Technology: The Dark Side

Quantum computing technology is truly a masterpiece although it is not yet mature. I’ve already sung its praise: the benefits it brings to the table, the advantage it gives the telecom industry, and the radical revolution it will incite in the medical field. But it’s time to bring the expectations back to earth as there […]

U.S. Seeks to Prevent China from Benefiting from $52 Billion Chips Funding

The U.S. Commerce Department on Tuesday released proposed rules to prevent $52 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research funding from being used by China and other countries deemed U.S. adversaries. The proposal limits recipients of U.S. funding from investing in the expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in foreign countries of concern like China and Russia and […]

Quantum Computing in Medicine: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Throughout history, humans have managed to circumvent long and tedious processes. Henry Ford’s moving assembly line was a quantum leap in manufacturing, so to speak. And in the age of digital advancements, it is no different. The latest concept proposed is quantum computing (QC) based on quantum physics. In layperson’s terms, this type of computing […]

Telecom Quantum Computing: A Dream or a Fantasy?

A quantum computer is a special kind that uses quantum mechanics to perform some computations more quickly than a conventional computer. Once the technology is in complete form, it is set to revolutionize every industry known to humankind. Alongside the pharmaceutical and cybersecurity sectors, experts postulate that this innovation will change the telecoms industry as […]

KSA’s XVRS: Cognition at the Heart of the Metaverse

The future is cognitive, and NEOM is here to ensure it. And despite being a project in KSA, it is actually a global project above all else. But NEOM’s projects go beyond the realm of reality to delve into one of this era’s main focal points, the metaverse. But a little more complex. In fact, […]