Robinhood Backs Down Over Signature Bank Bets - Ft

Robinhood Inc made an exception to its short position ban for clients who had winning ‘puts’ against failed lender Signature Bank, the Financial Times reported on Thursday. Put options are contracts that give a buyer the right, but no obligation, to sell shares in future. Shares of New York-based Signature have shed nearly 37% in […]

Retail investors can buy into Robinhood IPO stock

Robinhood Markets Inc. announced Wednesday its latest alteration to its share distribution, allowing firms issuing shares via the IPO Access platform to reserve stock for certain associates to the company, according to Reuters.  The trading platform’s Directed Share Programs (DSP), also referred to as “friends and family” offer, delivers workers, consumers, vendors, and various other members […]

Robinhood share value falls below IPO valuation

Robinhood, the platform that was once the raging crypto trading application, marked on Tuesday shares drop below its initial public offering (IPO) valuation after trading hours as revenues fell with key cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin. The trading site is witnessing a change in its winds, as its long trail of investors are holding back their […]

Robinhood’s stable feature for crypto investing

Robinhood revealed on Wednesday its latest feature allowing users to invest in the cryptocurrency market customarily and regularly for just one U.S. dollar without any additional fees in a bid to augment the company’s fast-growing parts. The trading company announced that the reason behind releasing this feature is to provide a secure way to minimize […]

Robinhood acquires Say Technologies to enrich relations

Robinhood Markets confirmed on Tuesday its first acquisition plans since the release of its initial public offering (IPO) earlier this month of obtaining venture-backed startup Say Technology for around $140 million in cash. The trading service company revealed the deal in a blog post from the company’s chief product officer, Aparna Chennapragada, without disclosing when […]

Robinhood's IPO thwarts as it ponders offering U.S. IRA

Popular investing company Robinhood Markets began trading on Thursday its initial public offering at $38 a share, followed by a 10 percent drop, and closing at $34.90.  This came following an announcement on Saturday its plans to launch U.S. retirement accounts as an endeavor to raise its bidding. The investing platform had aimed to raise […]