Silicon Valley Bank

Factbox: Global Firms with Exposure to Collapsed SVB

Startup-focused lender SVB Financial Group became the largest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis last week, sending shockwaves across global markets as billions of dollars belonging to companies and investors were left stranded. The collapse raised concerns that the end of decades-long era of cheap money would reveal cracks in the global financial […]

HSBC Rescues British Arm of Stricken Silicon Valley Bank

HSBC bought the UK arm of stricken Silicon Valley Bank for a symbolic one pound on Monday, rescuing a key lender for technology start-ups in Britain and helping curb the fallout from the biggest bank collapse since the financial crash. The move comes after U.S. authorities moved to shore up deposits and stem any wider […]

Australian Tech Firms Say They Don't Have Material Exposure to SVB

Several Australian and New Zealand tech firms said on Monday they did not have material exposure to Silicon Valley Bank following the failure of the U.S. startup-focused lender SVB Financial Group last week. Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the government was aware some Australian firms have been impacted but added the country’s “institutions are solid […]

SVB Shutdown Sends Shockwaves Through Silicon Valley as CEOs Race to Make Payroll

The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on Friday sent shockwaves through the startup community, which has come to view the lender as a source of reliable capital and deposit partner, particularly for some of tech’s biggest moonshots. On Friday, tech CEOs scrambled to make payroll after SVB Financial Group was shuttered by California banking […]

The World This Week: From Proposed Tech Ban to Bank Collapse

In our “The World this Week” piece, global events include the proposed U.S. bill to ban foreign tech, Nvidia and AMD grappling with the latest U.S. curbs on China’s Inspur, the U.S. and EU in talks on clean technology trade deal, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank causing concern among tech executives and investors. […]

US Marshalling 'material action' to Stem SVB Fallout -Sources

U.S. authorities were preparing “material action” on Sunday to shore up deposits in Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and try to stem any broader financial fallout from the sudden collapse of the tech startup-focused lender, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. Biden administration officials worked through the weekend to assess the impact of SVB Financial […]

UK Races to Minimise SVB Fallout Amid Reports of Potential Buyers

Possible buyers of the UK arm of failed U.S. lender Silicon Valley Bank emerged on Sunday as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the British government was working to find a solution to limit the potential hit to companies resulting from the demise. SoftBank-owned lender OakNorth Bank is weighing a bid to buy Silicon Valley Bank […]

Tech Execs Race to Save Startups from 'extinction' After SVB Collapse

Technology executives, prominent venture capitalists and founders including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman raced this weekend to keep alive companies caught up in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Friday’s dramatic failure of the bank, which focuses on tech startups, was the biggest since the 2008 financial crisis. It roiled global markets, walloped banking stocks and […]