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The Sassy AI Makeover Your Beloved Assistant Craved 

With Microsoft and Google making significant strides in the Generative AI space, Amazon decided to open a new chapter for the digital assisstant. Welcome home, Alexa 2.0 In Arlington, Virginia, Amazon executives met on Wednesday during their fall event. The focus of the meeting was how to better the company’s long-term investments in artificial intelligence […]

How IoT and WoT are Related 

It is not clear to most how IoT and WoT are related as the words internet and web are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing and have extremely different applications on different scales.  The internet of things (IoT), as we have covered extensively on Inside Telecom, refers to connected devices. Simply […]

Amazon unveils its first smart TVs, with Alexa and Zoom

Amazon has unveiled its first Amazon-built smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series and 4-Series smart TVs, plus its new Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Priced from $410, the TVs come with hands-free access to Alexa, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Digital Plus, HDR10 and hybrid log gamma. All of the TVs will be available […]

Tips to increase and maintain IoT smart home security

From the thermostat and television to lights, curtains, and security systems, the Internet of things (IoT) turns any home into one connected cell controlled by the single touch of its owner. Once a home is transformed into a smart one, all connected devices can be controlled remotely through the Internet. However, as with every technology, […]

One common platform addresses IoT smart home ecosystem

International market leaders Telefónica have created a global unit, called as the Chief Digital Consumer Office (CDCO), which will champion new digital products and services, paying particular attention to the IoT smart home. The team, led by Chema Alonso will aim to develop the Aura AI digital assistant and continue the creation of the ‘fourth […]