NASA's DART Spacecraft Hits Target Asteroid

NASA’s DART spacecraft successfully slammed into a distant asteroid at hypersonic speed on Monday in the world’s first test of a planetary defense system, designed to prevent a potential doomsday meteorite collision with Earth. Humanity’s first attempt to alter the motion of an asteroid or any celestial body played out in a NASA webcast from […]

Eternal Engine

For systems like global navigation, satellite mapping, determining the composition of exoplanets, and the next generations of communications, precision timing, measured using ultra-precise atomic clocks, is crucial. The current iterations of atomic clocks are massive things, weighing hundreds of kilograms, and must be kept in precise, challenging-to-maintain environments. Because of this, researchers are scrambling to […]

China Space Station

China will launch a spacecraft on Sunday carrying three astronauts to the core module of the unfinished Chinese space station, where they will work and live for six months as construction enters advanced stages. A Long March-2F rocket carrying the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft is set to blast off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the northwestern […]

Sony Space

Sony on Thursday said it formed a new company that will build and supply devices that allow small satellites in orbit to communicate with one another via laser beams, dipping into the fast-growing space sector. Sony Space Communications Corp, registered on Wednesday, is meant to take advantage of laser technology to avoid a bottleneck of […]

Elon Musk

Twitter Inc is poised to accept billionaire Elon Musk’s “best and final” $43 billion takeover offer, people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday. This comes on the heels of Musk announcing that he had secured $46.5 billion in debt and equity financing for the deal. Earlier in April, the social media company had […]