The series of advancements happening in the metaverse can serve as an announcement for the people to know that the switch to the metaverse is not a matter of if but simply a matter of when. While every sector is figuring out how to jump into the metaverse, one industry has it all figured out. […]

You need to keep up. Web3 is not something to anticipate. It is something you need to adapt to and live with. Web3 is the next step for various sectors, and the telecom sector is no different. Telecom and Web3 are codependent. There is a need for a balance between them. This balance is crucial […]

changing regulations

A lot has happened in telecoms in 2022 — mergers, regulatory changes and emerging technology. But while service providers (SPs) navigate the changes that 2022 has seen, there’s also the changes of 2023 to anticipate. Here, Hamish White, CEO of telecoms software developer Mobilise, shares his predictions on the technology SPs should look to adopt […]

dubai metaverse strategy

With its promise to bring forth endless opportunities in social connections, mobility, and intertwining the physical world with the virtual one, the metaverse will open new economic ventures of all scales, and city is riding the wave towards its next technological advancements with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. The City of Gold announced plans to work […]

Web3 5G and the Metaverse

A new internet age where content is consumed through intuitive 3D surroundings rather than 2D displays appears to have begun with the development of strong 5G networks, new XR gadgets, and appealing metaverse apps. We will discuss the relationship between Web3, 5G, and the Metaverse below.  Before we dive into the meat of the subject, […]

Adoption of Web3

Companies will address technology challenges and train talent to apply Web3 to solve social issues TOKYO, Nov 8, 2022 – (JCN Newswire): NTT DOCOMO and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) are collaborating to accelerate the adoption and application of Web3 for addressing social issues. Web3 is a new iteration of the web driven by blockchain technology. It has the […]

Non Fungible Tolkien

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the launch of a Lord of the Rings NFT, nicknamed Non Fungible Tolkien by the public. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a three-part epic fantasy adventure film series. Peter Jackson, the director of LOTR, based these masterpieces on the book series of the same name written by […]

Metaverse App

There is a Metaverse app out there for almost anything you can think of. If it exists in Web2, it most likely has a Web3 counterpart in the works or on the market. The idea of “the metaverse” is becoming more and more well-known; the august 2022 issue of the renowned TIME magazine even has […]