Taiwan’s TAITRA Launch Global Anti-Covid-19 Platform

An anti-covid-19 platform has been launched by TAITRA collecting and combining Covid-19 related information on one big site for global audiences, institutions and governments to refer to. TAITRA – the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, launched the platform with the slogan “we’re in this fight together” on June 4, 2020.

The anti-covid-19 platform is designed to aggregate information and experiences and share success stories in the hope of furthering diagnostic and therapeutic efforts.

Combining the works and efforts of over 2000 companies and 20 medical institutions, and the studies of experts from different areas focusing on preventative measures and medical devices, promoting anti-epidemic efforts, information and products globally through a single portal with numerous sections.

Sections include:

  • “Epidemic Prevention Experience Sharing” where all the companies, institutions and experts involved can share important findings.
  • “Industries” section where preventative solutions, products and medical services are collected.
  • “Taiwan Model” section to highlight the approaches Taiwan took in the different stages of the pandemic – with great success.

The sections provide connections for procurement negotiation, custom medical conference arrangements, and online order service for global delivery. Moreover, resources for distance learning, knowledge gathering and medical supply acquisition and matchmaking.

TAITRA states that they will update the anti-covid-19 platform continuously, relying on their medical institutions, industries and public and government institutions, to do so. The information found on the anti-covid-19 platform has already been shared with nations such as India, Peru, Thailand, and more. Taiwan continues to work with international communities for procurement, knowledge gathering and will do so preemptively in the future.

TAITRA believes that after covid-19, the world will be in need of a reliable, central source for pandemic prevention, awareness, and policy study in the future, and such a database must be consistently updated for optimal efficiency.