Tech Giants to Fight AI Disruptions in Elections 2024 

As many countries around the world await elections, concerns about AI deception and its ability to deceive voters are growing, especially after the spread of the fake call using the U.S. President Joe Biden’s voice. 

Tech giants, which have played a significant role in the development of AI beyond expectations are now collaborating to address this issue. 

To that end, executives from Adobe, Amazon, Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, TikTok, as well as 12other tech companies, and X gathered on Friday at the Munich Security Conference to unveil an agreement that will include the way they will react to deepfake generated by AI that deliberately deceive voters. 

In this context, Nick Clegg, Meta’s Vice President of Global affairs, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram stated, “Everybody recognizes that no one tech company, no one government, no one civil society organization is able to deal with the advent of this technology and its possible nefarious use on their own.” 

The accord is largely symbolic, but targets increasingly realistic AI-generated images, audio, and video “that deceptively fake or alter the appearance, voice, or actions of political candidates, election officials, and other key stakeholders in a democratic election, or that provide false information to voters about when, where, and how they can lawfully vote,” he added. 

In contrast, he pointed out that the accord does not require companies to ban or remove deepfakes but rather defines the methods and approaches they will use to try to detect and categorize deceptive AI content when it spreads on their platforms.  

On the other hand, the accord stipulates that companies shall efficiently share information with each other about the spread of fake content or videos and provide “swift and proportionate responses” when this content starts to spread. 

Amid the increasing global concerns regarding the potential for AI to produce undetectable fake content, there are currently no established mechanisms or regulations to oversee it, due to the rapid development in this field. 

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