The 4 major benefits of using cloud computing services for your business

cloud computing services

It is hard to argue against the convenience of having a seamlessly accessible hard drive in the sky, used to send, and retrieve data at any point, from anywhere. Whatever documents or files you think might be remotely useful at some point, just stick it on the cloud and forget about it.  

The benefits that cloud adoption brings to businesses large and small are no different. 

There are major benefits to companies that choose to adopt cloud computing services that cannot be overlooked and that give such companies a serios edge over their competition. 

Unlimited storage 

Well strictly speaking, it is limited by the size of your wallet and the number of servers in a warehouse. You do not, however, need to carry any hardware such as portable drives or thumb sticks to store your data. That’s the cloud providers problem, and so long as you pay for space, they are happy to provide. 


Many organizations fear that using cloud computing services may leave them vulnerable to being breached. Using in-house storage may give them a sense of security given the servers are right in front of them. 

But consider this, a cloud provider’s full-time job, their specialty, is to constantly monitor and secure their connections and respond in cases of emergency.  

Though there is a gap in readiness to adopt, 75 percent of IT professionals view the public cloud as more secure than their own data centers and solutions according to a 2020 report by Oracle; while response times to breaches and disaster recovery are made easier and much faster compared to in-house security teams.  

On top of all that, there are the decreased costs; organizations need not divide their time and resources on security if they can outsource all that to specialists for a price. 

Collaboration and Flexibility 

The ability to access data from any device gives employees the ability to, well, do just that. In any conference or meeting, on a plane or in a hotel on vacation – not that an employee should be working on vacation, but it’s a brave new world. 

This increased flexibility makes it easier for different departments and employees to collaborate and access common files. Like a companywide Google doc. 


If a business needs to increase their bandwidth, or adversely, if they no longer need it for whatever reason, they can easily scale their needs up and down. 

Instead of adding, removing, storing, or modifying in-house servers, the company can simply tell their cloud provider who can scale their processes based on the needs of their customers. 

In parallel, if a company is looking to implement a new operating system or software update, a lot of time can be saved by simply applying the change through the cloud itself.  

We know by now that companies who do not advance don’t stay around. The adoption of cloud computing services is the perfect way for small, medium and large-scale businesses to take care of their tech needs without splitting themselves into parts or wasting resources that could be used to improve and grow their business.