The Golden Era of Technology

There is no precise date regarding technology journey but the question in this case is, when is the golden era of technology?

There is no precise date regarding the history of technological journey but the question in this case is, when is the golden era of technological journey? Does the golden era involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) or not?

The Beginning of Tech

3.3 million years ago stone tools were the first tangible forms of technological journey used. People during that period of time used to chip away stones in order to create axes, hammers, knives, and arrowheads. This marked the beginning of the stone age. During the period of the stone age tools were created and this automatically hints to the creation of jobs. These jobs could have been tool making, hunting and gathering, and traders.

Fast Forward in Time

Let us move forward in time and land during the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution was the most prominent period during human history, one could say that during that period our times were molded.

It began in the 18th century in Great Britain, and it was termed as the industrial revolution due to the events that took place and then events eventually took a speedy process. The acceleration of events led to technical innovation which created new tools and machines. Key inventions were made that created many industries and industrial lines.

During the industrial revolution inventions created new jobs and did not leave people in fear of having to leave their jobs due to a replacement. Speaking of replacements let’s take a leap in time and discuss Artificial Intelligence.

Is the Future AI?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) dates back to ancient times. Although in the past few years AI began to take its multiple moments of fame, it is worrying us as humans. Day by day we discover what AI can do and how it is able to take over our jobs. For example, we have robot chefs, robot baristas, AI girlfriends, and many other jobs that you would think are safe but aren’t.

In order for AI to be part of the golden era of technological journey, it should assist in aiding humans advance rather than taking over our jobs and leaving us in the dark. After reading all of this and thinking in depth of the times we live in, when do you think was the golden era of technological journey?

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