Robo-Chef Coming Soon to Spice Up Your Kitchen

I-Robo Cooking

I-Robo cooking, the new chef, is coming our way to prepare some delicious meals. It is the world’s first cooking robot, that has successfully prepared over 100,000 meals in Japan alone. Oh, and only after its first six months of operation.

“In Japan, they have already been operational and have successfully prepared over 100,000 meals in the last half year,” said Yuji Shiraki, the firm’s founder.

The Yummy I-Meals

The I-Robo cooking was developed by the Japanese company TechMagic, a humanoid robot that is able to prepare various kitchen tasks, like frying meat and seafood, boiling and stir-frying vegetables, and preparing salads and other dishes.

“We are a company specializing in the development of cooking robots. Our robots are engineered to handle various cooking tasks such as boiling, stir-frying, and frying,’ he added.

I-Robo uses advanced sensors and AI algorithms to direct the environment of the kitchen, manage ingredients, and prepare food with high-level of precision.

“Its smart algorithms offer unique, customizable dishes, meeting the demands of contemporary culinary enthusiasts and enhancing dining experiences,” TechMagic stated.

Does I-Robo Cooking Have Style?

I-Robo could lever extensive meal preparation efficiently, concentrating on labor shortages and enhancing kitchen productivity. As well as broadening its talent in cooking with other food service settings.

“With the introduction of I-Robo, we aim to solve the problem of manpower shortage in the kitchen,” TechMagic noted.

It follows the recipe word by word, it’s by the book kind of a chef, so that it ensures high quality in every dish. But still, does it have a style?

Cooking is an art, it needs some styling, some freshness, sensations, and the feeling of coziness once it’s served on the table. It is like our grandma’s and mom’s dishes that are cooked with pure love. It doesn’t require anything else, no specific ingredients, they just say ‘it needs a spray of salt’. By following their hearts, they serve the meals. If robots can be creative in such domains, how will grandmas and moms react? No matter how advanced robots are, the sensations can’t be acquired.

Let’s not disregard the rich cultural meals that the I-Robo will never come across. Well, maybe one day it will have a plan to destroy the world by poisoning us with meals. It seems sarcastic, yes? 

All What the User Needs

The fact is that the I-Robo received recognition as the CES 2024 Innovation Award Winner in the field of robotics. It can easily and flexibly adjust the heat temperature, the rotation, and the direction of the pan. So all the user does is tap on the touch panel by choosing their favorite dish and the robot will do the rest, basically the cooking process.

Although the I-Robo is enormously expensive, not all businesses can reach out for it and of course, it is programmed currently for specific cuisines not all and it’s limited to specific customer preferences. TechMagic is trying to create a technology-driven society with a sustainable food infrastructure.

Will you eat from the I-dishes, even if you are living abroad by yourself, or taking the leap to live independently from your family?

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